saginaw power steering swap

My old power steering pump wasnt doing so good after i put on the 35" tires.  In fact, about a month later, it started to leak fluid.  Related to the oversized tires?  Maybe, maybe not.  It was an old pump.  So i figured, if i have to change the pump, why not upgrade at the same time?  So the idea of swapping in a saginaw became a reality.

This is actually much easier than it seems.  The saginaw is the power steering pump that came from the factory on the E-series trucks form ford.  it is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock C-II pump that came on the F-series trucks and broncos.  The saginaw pump puts out alot more pressure than the stock pump, and it makes a world of difference at the wheel when you have 35's or larger tires on your truck.

The two pumps are noticeably different in appearance.  The stock pump is round, whereas the saginaw pump actually looks more like canned ham.  Click these pics to see them side-by-side.
The actual swap is just pretty much a bolt on thing.  The only thing that was required to make the pump work was a different high pressure line.  The stock bronco one wont work, so i ordered a stock van one.  The pic to the right shows the return line (nothing more than a piece of hose cut to length), the stock van high pressure line (in the middle), and then the stock bronco high pressure line (on the right).  You can clearly see the difference in the two high pressure lines.
To the right are two 'in progress' pics.  The first thing you need to do (1st pic) is remove the AC pump (if you have AC, that is).  The next step is to remove the old PS pump.  Its that simple!
Next up is to bolt up the saginaw in place of the old pump, and connect the hoses.  Now just reinstall your AC pump (or idler), add some PS fluid, and youre done!
This is a super-easy mod to do, will only take maybe a half-hour to an hour to do, and when done, will make steering your truck not only bearable, but actually easy!