vehicle: 1988 Ford Bronco
designation: weekend warrior
updates: July '18: rust repair

body: '88 bronco
engine: '89 460
transmission: C6
transfer case: NP203/NP205 triple-sticked doubler
suspension: front: 70s style ford w/ 6" Superflex coils.
rear: stock-ish springs, shackle flip w/ homebrew shackles, 1" zero-rate
exhaust: Stainless headers
axles: front:  Rockjock D60, 5.13s, ARB, Yukon 35spl shafts & ujoints.
rear: D70, discs, 5.13s, Detroit, Yukon 35spl shafts.
tires: 42*14 Iroks on 17*10 Stazworks Double Beadlocks
44*18.5 TSL on recentered 16.5" Humvee Beadlocks
misc. acces: lund sunvisor; cobra WX-STII CB; autometer trans temp & oil pressure gauges; saginaw power-steering; external trans & p.s. coolers; rock sliders; homebrew bumpers; 200a alt; electric fan; hydro-assist; on-board air; warn M12000
future plans: finish body swap; roll cage; bumpers; armor; lots of rewiring; misc other stuff

Full Body Resto (2016-18) (currently ongoing)
p/u cab swap  (2010-2011)
460 swap  (2012)
one-ton upgrades
D60 Solid Front Axle Swap
Dana 60 gallery
D60 part 2: the custom-made axle
Dana 70 gallery
one ton brakes & adj. prop. valve
shackle flip & p/u gas tank
NP203/205 Doubler
superduty driveshaft
anti-wrap bar
saginaw power steering swap
steering box rebuild
saginaw porting/reservoir mod
power steering cooler
trans cooler/filter
200a 3G alternator
electric fan
on-board air
460 OBA setup
remote winch wiring
Warn M12000
body work
half doors
front reciever
front bumper
fender chop (pre-cab swap)
older (pre-2005) mods
bed tie-downs
rock sliders
front recovery
rhino-lined interior
drain plug install in Dana44 TTB 
body lift faults

July 5: 44s!
June 7: ECBR @ AOAA
June 6: ECBR @ Blue Rocks
June 26: ECBR @ Rausch Creek
June 28: ECBR @ Rausch Creek
June 27: ECBR @ Rausch Creek
May 17: Grand Opening of AOAA
Feb 22: MEB @ Rausch Creek
June 27-29: ECBR
Mar 23: Trailblazing @ AOAA
Aug 18: MEB Summer Ride @ Rausch Creek
May 19: Trail Cleanup Day @ AOAA
Dec 10: Trailblazing @ AOAA
misc wheelin! pics soon
misc wheelin! pics soon
June 06: broke my front-end @ rausch creek
May 16: Rausch Creek
Nov 29: Rausch Creek
July 26: Rausch Creek
Apr 20: Carnage report
Apr 12: Rausch Creek, day two
Apr 11: Rausch Creek, day one
post cab-swap /\
pre cab-swap  \/
July 07: Sad State of Affairs
Nov 26: Paragon Adv Park, day three
Nov 25: Paragon Adv Park, day two
Nov 24: Paragon Adv Park, day one
Sept 16: Misfit4x4s truck show
Aug 27: Rausch Creek, day two
Aug 26: Rausch Creek, day one
June 11: Paragon Adv Park, day two
June 10: Paragon Adv Park, day one
May 06: Paragon Adv Park
Apr 03: Iroks + beadlocks installed
Dec 12: removing the TTB
Oct 10: mud pit!
Aug 28: reinforcing the shackles
Apr 09: Rausch Creek ORV Park
Feb 19: Paragon Adv Park
Feb 12: iroks!
Feb 03: new tires!
Jan 16: radius arm replacement
Dec. 04: truck dismemberment, day two
Nov. 28: truck dismemberment
Nov. 03: parts truck!
Sept. 06: stripping the organ donor, day two
Sept. 05: stripping the organ donor
Aug 1: WITC in TN, day two
July 30: WITC in TN, day one
July 17: new x-member
June 12: Paragon Adv Park
May 16: Paragon Adv Park, day two
May 15: Paragon Adv Park, day one
Feb 22: Paragon Adv Park, day two
Feb 21: Paragon Adv Park, day one
Dec 07: Powerlines
Nov 02: Paragon Adv Park, day two
Nov 01: Paragon Adv Park, day one
Oct 18: mock-up of rear bumper
Sept 27: topless!
Aug 30: C&D Canal, DE
Aug 20: flex test, part II
June 29: Paragon Adv Park
May 24: Gravel Pit

April 27: Paragon Adv Park, day two

April 26: Paragon Adv Park, day one
April 10: Gravel Pit
April 06: Paragon Adv Park
Mar 29: flex test, part I
Feb 05: new rims!
Nov 24: Sahara Sands
Nov 04: new tires!
Oct 12: Paragon Adv Park
Sept 12: 2 more pics of the new lift
Aug 21: 6" suspension lift!
Aug 15: last pics taken before the susp. lift

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